5-Axis CNC Milling

Aircraft Tooling has recently procured a magnificent and large heavy duty 5-axis CNC router. This 40,000 pound beast has a travel envelope of 13.5 feet of Y, 11 feet of X and 4 feet of Z. It is laser calibrated by AA Janssen annually and holds +/- 0.002” in X, Y & Z and 5 arc seconds in the A & C rotary axis. This machine performs sever functions for our customers including machining high tolerance master tools and direct molds, trimming composite parts and trimming honeycomb core. This world-class machine is a dream to use.

CNC Ply Cutter

We are awaiting delivery of a CNC ply cutter which we will use to cut fiberglass, carbon fiber, silicone rubber baffling and other flat parts as well as for plotting/marking metal parts and templates. We are very excited about this force multiplier.

Faro Platinum Arm CMM

Aircraft Tooling utilizes a 12’ Faro Platinum Series Arm CMM for dimensional quality inspections as well as reverse engineering.

Curing Ovens

Aircraft Tooling employs two computer controlled ovens for curing composite parts and tooling. We have a Blue M oven capable of 600F with a chamber measuring 38” x 24” x 20”. We also have a large curing oven with chamber dimensions of 10’ x 6’ 4” x 4’ and capable of 425F.

Paste Dispensers

Aircraft Tooling owns not just one but two MVP metered dispensing machines with dual 55 gallon drum pumps. We are serious about our paste!

We have a building of other support equipment to make everything work.