Aircraft Tooling is a composite parts fabricator. Our biggest line currently is a cowling which we assisted our customer to develop. We performed all of the reverse engineering and class-A CAD modeling, developed prototypes, built production tooling and are now producing and delivering completed kits to our customer for quality inspection and distribution. This FAA certified cowling kit consists of over a dozen high temperature composite parts which Aircraft Tooling produces in house.

We contract manufacturer composite parts made from pre-preg or VARTM of either carbon fiber or fiberglass to meet our customer’s requirements. We can cure parts to 400F. We perform complete QA inspections including dimensional with our Faro arm along with visual and mechanical tests as well. If a part does not pass inspection it is destroyed however, our scrap rate is very low due to the close involvement of supervisors and redundant inspections. Quality is everyone’s responsibility and our QA department is our first customer.